Daniel Mansfield

Daniel Mansfield Artist

Within the wild, mysterious and mystic beauty of the Highlands of Scotland, the spirit of an artist was born. I was born in the industrial English midlands and at a young age moved to the open spaces of Inverness in Scotland. After many years of far-reaching travels he is now based in Nottingham, England.

From early age, I was already creating art, poetry and music, transforming my world into expressions of colour and story within many sketchbooks. My travels took me around the world teaching of a deep spirituality understanding which influences my paintings and drawings, which are masterpieces of original and extraordinary talent. Inspired by artists such as Dali, Warhol, Turner and Botticelli my paintings reflect a fun flirtation with abstract surrealism. When seeing my work, I do hope the viewer can immediately recognize how strongly I desire to expresses my feelings, memories and struggles.

Through my passion for drawing I developed a unique style of transferring and transforming the energy of thought into drawings of thoughtfulness in the form of colour and sketches - thus, creating the most vibrant visual worlds. I am an adaptable and insightful painter. My work is deep and thoughtful, focussing on story, character and colour. I seek to delivers fantastic worlds through the creation of surreal exploration. My art is a voyage of self-discovery.

I have exhibited work in galleries in Scotland, England and Italy. My work is a fantastic addition to any art collection. My paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, story and passion through a journey of emotion and feelings. Thank you.

Dan's Latest News

After the success of my arts table at the local Ilkeston summer fayre I wish to thank all the friendly people who came over to speak with me, thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as me.

During the next few weeks I plan to work more on a variety of pieces of art, but I am looking forward mostly to working with more digital art media, more digital art here we come !