Daniel Mansfield

Daniel Mansfield Traditional Artist

Since I was young I have had a passion for art, I blame my father and mother for all the art books we used to have in the house – my earliest memories of books are of massive heavy full colour art encyclopaedias filled with amazing images of Van Gough, Monet and many other awe inspiring people.

My parents also encouraged me to draw and paint, which my brother and I did almost constantly. I remember the "dungeon and dragon" board games my brother used to create with cardboard, paints and immense imagination. Or the beautiful sketches he used to draw of the world around us.

My early attempts at art were colourful I am sure and forever feed my creativity now, I remember with passion the way I could fill a whole sketchbook with my doodling very rapidly. Now I am older I still feed my creativity with my drawing, painting and other creative projects.

My favourite traditional medium is oil paint, but I am also an expert with acrylic, watercolour and ink. I love to draw people and buildings of historical significance, and anyone who has been to one of my art events will testify to my creative ability in all these mediums.